Signs a Girl is Into You

signs a girl is into you

“Well, I guess this is goodnight then…”

“Yeah, I guess so…”

“Ok, well, goodnight…”

“Goodnight,” you respond coyly. She’s amazing, you think to yourself. But does she like me?

She pauses for a brief second and gives you a quick hug. Then she slips through the doorway and shuts the door softly.

Damn! Did I miss my chance to kiss her? Or was she just being nice?

Have you ever felt like you missed an opportunity with a girl? Maybe a girl liked you or she wanted to kiss you, but you didn’t take the chance? If only you knew some concrete signs a girl is interested or signs she wants to kiss you, then you’d be able to make a move at the right time… Then you’d never have to question yourself when it came to girls.

I’ve definitely had plenty of these moments myself. There have been numerous times when a girl has been at her car or at the front door just waiting for me to kiss her or invite her in only to send her off with a platonic side hug and a pleasant “have a good night.”

Or sometimes she has wanted me to ask her out, but because I wasn’t aware of certain signs of interest, I passed up a plethora of opportunities.

If you’re interested in getting laid in Vegas specifically, then you can check out the other article I’ve written on the topic.

But, in this article, I will teach you how to understand women better in general. I will elucidate and demystify what to look for when a girl is into you.

Before getting into the actual indicators of interest, it is key to understand why girls demonstrate these signs.

Consider how she will feel when she likes a guy. Most likely, she will become a bit nervous and display some signs of nervousness.

Additionally, once you are talking to her, she won’t want to leave the conversation. She will find excuses to spend time with you.

Signs she likes you:

Eye contact (or lack thereof)

Most people say that if a girl makes prolonged eye contact with you, then she’s interested in you. This is typically true. Most likely, the combination of your look and your behavior/body language is attractive to her.

However, another sign is just the opposite: that is, if the girl avoids making eye contact with you, then sometimes your presence makes her nervous because she is attracted to you. Oftentimes, a girl will act more shy around a guy that she likes.

So, noting these two observations, you might say, this doesn’t say anything about what the girl is interested in…she makes eye contact or she doesn’t and she could be interested or uninterested in both situations. What use is this advice? You’re absolutely right. The only way to actually find out if a girl is into you is to make a move and talk to her.

Over time, you will acquire a clear sense of whether a girl is into through eye contact, but the only way to truly find out is to actually put yourself out there and interact with her. Especially when you’re first starting out, don’t wait until the girl starts eye-fucking you to approach her.

Playing with her hair

A lot of times, a girl will play with her hair when she’s nervous or aroused. If you’re talking to a girl and you notice twirling her hair with her finger, combing her hair behind her ear, or playing with her hair in general, then she’s either anxious or into you.

Proximity (or the opposite)

When you do begin talking to a girl, if she stands close to you or she touches you quite frequently, then she probably has some sexual interest in you.

A good way to test for proximity is to stand as close to her as possible until she takes a step back. Then when she steps back, take half a step back yourself. This ensures that you maintain a sexual vibe to the interaction.

However, don’t step towards the girl too quickly or aggressively in a threatening way. That would be scary.

Squaring Up

A key body language indicator of her interest is if she squares up her hips towards you.

This indicates that she’s likely more interested in you than anything else around her. At this point, I will typically try to take her to a quieter, more private area to spend time with her.

You can take her to the dance floor, take her to meet your friends, or simply just take her to a place where you can sit and have a more intimate conversation.


Imagine that you’re an employer, and you are interviewing a prospective employee for a potential job position. The prospect hands you a resume with a list of qualifications justifying why he or she is right for the job. The prospect’s endeavor is to try to convince you that he or she is qualified for the position.

Now when a girl qualifies herself to you during an interaction, this is a clear verbal indicator of interest. As soon as the girl tries to impress you or begins to justify her actions or behavior, then she is clearly interested in you.

For example, if you’re talking about school, and the girl says, “actually, I went to Harvard and majored in mechanical engineering. My course was quite difficult, and I graduated at the top of my class.” If she states this without any solicitation on your part, then she’s probably trying to impress you, which is a form of qualification.

Furthermore, if she justifies herself in a self-conscious way, this is a clear demonstration of qualification.

For example, if you ask, “where are your friends?” and she replies, “well we all came together in the beginning of the night, then we went to the dancefloor, but we lost Cindy, then my other friend we lost on the way to the bathroom, and now I ended up at the bar, so I’m not sure where my friends are…” then she is providing an overly elaborate answer to a simple question and is qualifying herself to a severe extent.

She could easily answer, “I don’t know,” but, instead, she provided an unnecessarily long-winded answer.

Qualification demonstrates her engagement in the interaction because 1) it indicates that she is self-conscious due to nervousness caused by arousal and 2) it shows that she is investing in the interaction.

If the girl wasn’t interested, she would not feel the need to justify herself. Most likely, she would give nonchalant responses to these questions.

For example, if you asked, “where are your friends?” she would probably respond, “I don’t know…” This shows a low level of investment on the girl’s part, and it also displays a lack of her feeling the need to prove herself to you.

Thus, you can see that qualification is typically a strong indication that she is interested in you.

Signs She Wants to Kiss You

When the interaction has progressed beyond mere social interest and moves toward more sexual interest, the girl will begin to display some signs that she wants to kiss you.

A classic sign of this is her subconscious tendency to glance at your lips while you’re talking.

Oftentimes, when a girl wants to kiss you, she will quickly look at your lips and back up to your eyes.

A good way to test to see if this is a genuine sign is to close the gap and stand a bit closer to her when talking. If she doesn’t back away, then she probably wants to be kissed.

Another clear physical indicator is if her cheek touches yours when you are dancing with her or when you are talking to her in a loud environment. If she’s comfortable to get that close to you, then, most likely, she also wants to kiss you.

The best way to actually see whether she wants to kiss you is to talk closer to her. If she’s not backing away, then she wants to kiss you.

Ultimately, these signs of interest can give you a clue as to whether a girl likes you, but the best way to actually find out is to make a move and see how she reacts.

Use proximity to see if a girl is comfortable with your physical presence and pay attention to her verbal cues to see if she’s qualifying herself.

And remember, if you’re not sure, just try to make some sort of move because if you never pull the trigger, then you’ll never move the interaction forward.

Over time, seeing these signs and picking up on your own signs will become more natural. When in doubt, just take action in order to find out for sure.

There have been numerous occasions when I didn’t think a girl was into me, but when I made a move, she ended up being quite receptive.

And remember this: I’ve had plenty of times when I’ve regretting not pulling the trigger, but I’ve never regretted making a move.

Keep creating new experiences for yourself, and remember to always pull the trigger.


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