Why Half Full Thinking is Dangerous

Glass Half Full

Dear Half Full Thinkers,

Half full thinking is dangerous.

In fact, half full thinkers are worse off than half empty thinkers.


Because half full people are living in denial. They are people pleasers. They are “Yes Men” and “Yes Women”. They are polite and proper at dinner, don’t rock the boat, and are generally pleasant to hang out with.

Fuck that.

If you’re being nice or pleasant and are always looking at the bright side of things without acknowledging the negativity in the world that we live in, then you’re living in denial.

So you’re saying we should be half empty thinkers?

Of course not.

Of course people who are negative and are always looking at the bad side of things brings everyone else down around them and bad things happen to them as a result.

So why do you claim that half empty thinkers are better off than half full thinkers?

Because at least half empty thinkers aren’t living in denial. At least people are constantly throwing in their face that they’re being negative and need to change their behavior and mentality. At least people make them consciously aware that they have an issue and need to fix it.

Half full thinkers don’t have that accountability. Half full thinkers can live their entire lives without laying down boundaries with people, avoiding conflict, and not asserting what they want without disturbing the peace. It’s socially acceptable to be a half full thinker who is blind to the negativity in the world.

So what do you suggest–that we just give up?


What I’m suggesting is to look at the whole glass and accept it. Be realistic. See that the glass is equally half empty and half full and realize that that’s just how life is.

Half full thinkers refuse to see the whole glass. By blinding themselves to the half empty part, they postpone the acceptance of loss, separation, and death. What they don’t realize is that the true key to fulfillment is in acceptance then detachment.

Think of someone who has stage 4 cancer and is told that they will die within the week. Suddenly, that person has to deal with the reality of death, and they can either choose to accept it or live in denial.

A half full thinker postpones this thought process until they’re on their deathbed, and until the doctor utters the prognosis. Even then, the half full thinker may never accept those words. They’ll deny that death will happen to them. Somehow, they think that they’re more special than the rest of the universe and that they transcend the nature of death.

This is the ego speaking.

The ego tells you that you are special. The ego tells you that you will leave a legacy. The ego tells you that you have too much to live for to die.

But the ego is an illusion.

Ultimately, everyone is part of something greater. We’re part of the universe and the universe is a part of us.

Yes, the universe is amazing and nature is beautiful and it’s incredible how lucky we are to be existing on the earth, but at the same time, we’re also a part of a world where humans are destroying nature, humans are enslaving other humans, and humans are killing other humans.

And we have to accept this.

Once we release from our ego and accept the world for what it is and embrace reality, then we can let go.

Realize that once we die, there is nothing.

Religious believers will argue that there is an afterlife and to think that there isn’t is wrong.

Yes it is, and no it isn’t.

It’s right to the religious believer, but it’s not wrong to someone who doesn’t believe in an afterlife. Life has the meaning you give to it.

Here is my point…

Let’s imagine there is a cup, and the cup represents you. As you pour water into the cup, you feel more “happy,” “fulfilled,” and “right,” by your definitions of the words. You eventually pour water into the cup so that 50% of the cup is filled.

In this worldview, if the water fills 100% of the cup, you’ve attained complete happiness and fulfillment in your life. For most people, that’s the end game.

I’m here to tell you that in the pursuit of filling your cup, you’ll realize that it can never be filled completely.

It can never be filled completely because there will always be negative external factors that prevent you from continuing until 100%.

So how do we achieve fulfillment?

Take the cup away.


Take the cup away. Go back up a few paragraphs when I said “the cup represents you.” What I mean is the cup represents your ego. “You” don’t exist. You have a projection or image of yourself that you think exists, but your mind is fabricating this image in order to align your past and present.

You, the actual you not “you,” are part of the universe. “You” thinks that you are an independent, self-aware, rational being, but you’re actually just a part of everything else.

“You’re losing me…”

So go back to when I said to take the cup away. Imagine a sport or a hobby that you are proficient at and that you enjoy. When you are doing that sport or hobby, are you worried about what other people are thinking about you and your self image, or are you more concerned with doing the sport or activity? Are you self-conscious or are you in a flow state?

This example highlights the distinction between you and “you.” While doing the activity and in a flow state, you are focused on that activity, while “you” is absent. You is the part of the world that exists, while “you” is your own self-perceived identity and ego that is overly self-aware and self-conscious about its image.

Ok, so what about the cup?

So when you take the cup away, you’re becoming present. You take away “you.”

In detaching yourself from “you” and taking away the cup, you no longer have a cup to fill and are therefore already fulfilled. And this can only happen when you see both the half full and half empty parts of the cup.


Because when you’re looking just at the half full part of the cup, you aren’t seeing the half empty part, which means that you’re not seeing the whole cup. When you don’t see the entire cup, you don’t realize that the cup can just be taken away.

So what happens when you take the cup away?

You no longer feel the need for fulfillment. You’re no longer in the rat race for happiness.

Based on what happens in your life, the water will continue to flow. But instead of feeling the need to capture the water, you let it flow.

Enjoy the flow for what it is.

Once this happens, you live a life of inspiration. You live life inspired because all of your actions come from your true intentions and desires, not from a sense of obligation to pursue happiness and fulfillment.

What should half full thinkers do?

They shouldn’t do anything really. If I suggest a “right” course of action for them, then I’m imposing my value system onto theirs, which is distorting reality.

But if you mean, “what should half full thinkers do to live an inspired life?” then I can answer that question. Here’s my answer:

Wake up. Stop living in denial.

Realize that, yes, there is a half full part of the cup, but there is also a half empty part. Until you see the half empty part, you won’t see the whole cup. And until you see the entire cup, you won’t realize that you can simply take the cup away.

Once you take the cup away and accept death, and you realize that existence will end, the meaning that you give to life comes from inspiration, and you won’t take it so seriously.

People take life too seriously.

People focus on leaving a legacy or wanting people to “remember their name.”
But that’s just a bullshit way of trying to keep their ego in the world.

It’s fine to have this aspiration if it’s coming from inspiration; that is, if they’re doing it because that’s the game that they’ve chosen to play.

But they also have to remember that ultimately, it’s just a game.

Yes, they’re trying to win, but losing is also a very real possible outcome, but that’s ok too because at least they got to play the game.

Those that haven’t taken the cup away and are desperately trying to fill their cup are sore losers. In fact, they don’t even realize that they’re playing a game. Because they take life so seriously, this paralyzes them to take risks and to fuck with comfort. They allow societal pressure and their own self image to dictate their paradigm of the world. They have no choice.

When you take the cup away, you liberate yourself to pick which game you want to play, whether it’s the financial stability, white picket fence, loving wife, and three and a half kids game, or whether it’s the “I want to accumulate as much money and as many women as possible” game, you can pick which one you want to play.

You have the power to create your life.

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