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You’re cruising in the dark down the I-15, and you suddenly see a neon glow peer over the horizon. One beam of light shoots vertically towards the sky, and the freeway widens to four lanes. You can see and feel the vibrant electricity emanating from the desert oasis that people have affectionately named, Sin City. You turn off the freeway onto Flamingo Road, and the towering edifices overwhelm your sense of reality.

Welcome to Las Vegas, the global capital of sex, drugs, gambling, and hedonism.

Most guys arrive in Vegas for the weekend with hopes of a fleeting but passionate anonymous hookup following a night of alcohol-infused debauchery.

Although some guys naturally seem to know how to get laid in Vegas, the Las Vegas hookup is a random and capricious event for most, relying on a bit of help from Lady Luck.

In fact, when I’m asked, “when did you lose your virginity?” I tell the story about the first time I “got lucky” when I was 23 years old in Las Vegas. Yes, I was a late bloomer, but in my two years in Vegas since then, I’ve seen and experienced close to everything.

In fact, during my time in Vegas, I’ve seen that Vegas hookups are actually not that random, and there are certain factors you can account for that will increase your chances of hooking up in Vegas.

You won’t need to pull out your wallet and resort to calling a backpage ad girl in the wee hours of the morning. You’ll see that picking up girls in Vegas is not as elusive as it may appear, and you will no longer need to call a hooker when you can get laid for free.

How to Get Laid in Las Vegas:

  1. Have good logistics
  2. Be at the right club at the right time
  3. Be overly loud and charismatic
  4. Lead
  5. Deal with obstacles and objections

A Note About Buying Temperature

Perhaps the most important concept for picking up girls in Vegas is understanding buying temperature. This is essentially how emotionally stimulated and how aroused a girl is.

Even if you’ve just met a girl, if she’s aroused and stimulated, she will often become attracted to you quickly and will want to sleep with you. This might seem shocking, but it’s the truth.

If you can recognize when a girl is aroused, then you’ll make easy work of Vegas.

Half the battle is simply knowing which venues to go to on which days and at what times. I’ll break down everything you need to know here.

Having good logistics

What does it mean to have “good logistics?” Basically, I’m talking about how close your room is to the place you’re going out. If you have a room at the Mandalay Bay but plan on going to XS Nightclub, then your logistics are quite poor (the Wynn/Encore, where XS is located, is on the other end of the strip).

However, if you’re going to Surrender Nightclub and you’re staying at the Encore, then your logistics couldn’t be much better (the exit of the club is approximately 50 feet away from the hotel elevators).

Consider which clubs you plan on going to during your Vegas trip and try to get a room as close to that club as possible, ideally in the same Hotel.

Here is a list of which hotels each of the major nightclubs are at:

  • Light – Mandalay Bay
  • The Foundation Room – Mandalay Bay
  • Hakkasan – MGM Grand
  • Jewel – Aria
  • Marquee – The Cosmopolitan
  • Chateau – Paris
  • The Bank – Bellagio
  • Hyde – Bellagio
  • Drais – The Cromwell
  • Omnia – Caesars Palace
  • 1OAK – The Mirage
  • Tao – The Venetian
  • XS – Encore
  • Surrender – Encore
  • Intrigue – Wynn
  • Ghostbar – The Palms
  • Voodoo – Rio
  • Foxtail – SLS
  • Sayers Club – SLS


how to get laid in vegas

Be at the right club at the right time

So with all of these options, where is the best place to get laid in Vegas?

I’m about to uncover a local nightlife secret, so pay attention.

Certain clubs are better on certain nights. In the nightlife industry for most major cities, each nightclub typically has an industry night during the week when the other clubs are closed.

However, here is the secret to getting the hottest girls in Vegas.

Think about who the hottest girls in Vegas are. Tourists? Sometimes, but not typically. Strippers? That’s hit or miss. What about the girls who work at the clubs. Cocktail waittresses. Bartenders. Bottle girls.

Girls from across the country fly to Vegas to audition as a bottle girl (for those who don’t know, bottle girls are the servers for tables at the nightclub). It’s a highly competitive position because girls often make six figures in the summer months alone while working at the Vegas clubs and pool parties.

Basically the hottest girls in the country, arguably the world, work at the nightclubs.

So when do they go out?

Industry night.

NIghtclubs use industry night to host employees from the other clubs. They’ll set up the staff from another club with a table and one or two comped (free) bottles. The staff would often bring quality guests (i.e. hot girls) to the club, which makes the club hosting the industry night look better.

For example, I used to be a promoter at XS Nightclub at the Wynn/Encore. On Monday nights, XS’s industry night, I used to set up my promoter contacts from other clubs with a free table at XS. In exchange, they would bring attractive girls to our club. On Wednesday nights, 1OAK’s industry night, my host contact would set me up with a table for that night.

So if you’re really going for the best quality in Vegas, go to the club on an weekday night if possible (i.e. Sunday-Thursday). When I lived in Vegas, I would avoid going out on Friday and Saturday simply because the lines would be endless and the club would be filled with a mixed bag of tourists, often large groups of guys.

Here is a list of the industry nights:

  • Sunday – XS (during the summer), Drais, Hakkasan, The Bank
  • Monday – XS, Marquee, Jewel
  • Tuesday – Omnia, Hyde
  • Wednesday – Surrender, Light, 1OAK
  • Thursday – Intrigue, Hakkasan, Tao


las vegas

How to get into these clubs

Admission into a Vegas nightclub can seem more convoluted and intimidating than a calculus problem. I’ll give you a simple explanation of how you should aim to get into the club for free.

    1. Guestlist – This is the most common way to get free entrance into the club. You will often find promoters talking to people on the strip asking if they want to see Diplo or Tiesto that night. Basically, they’re trying to get people onto their guestlist. Some clubs, like Hakkasan and Omnia on most nights, allow any number of guys in for free. Other clubs require even ratio.

      What is even ratio? This means that if you have at least 1 girl for every guy in the group, then everyone is free. For example, if you have 3 girls and 3 guys in a group, then everyone gets in free. Also, if you have 4 girls and 3 guys, then everyone still gets in for free. But if you have 3 girls and 5 guys, then 2 guys would have to pay cover.

      What is cover? Cover is the amount that you have to pay for entrance. This varies based on the night and how popular the DJ is.
      Basically, if I were visiting, I try to get guestlist at the club I’m planning on going to, and I will bring at least 1 girl if the guestlist requires even ratio.

    2. Local ID – If you are living in or decide to move to Vegas, then get a local driver’s license if you don’t already have one. Then you will usually not need guestlist for free entrance. Locals are typically free at most clubs.


  1. Last resort: paying cover – If the Chainsmokers are playing on a Saturday night, then you’ll need to pay cover. With popular DJs playing on a busy night, there’s usually no getting around paying, unless you know someone with pull on staff.

Also, keep in mind to build a relationship with a host and/or a promoter who you like. A good promoter or VIP host will be able to get you into any club you want on any given night because they’ll have a solid network of contacts of other promoters and hosts.

What is the difference between a promoter and a host? Promoters can typically be found talking to tourists on the strip and get people on their guestlists. With a promoter, you can get discounted or free entry to the club and sometimes invited to their table.

A host works at the club, specifically at the table line. They take care of the high spending guests who buy bottle service for thousands of dollars (usually $500-$600 per bottle minimum).

It’s good to know at least one promoter and host at each of the clubs. Ask them questions, and they’re often more than happy to accommodate you.

What time should you go to the club?

Always pay attention to when the guestlist closes. On busier nights, the guestlist will close earlier, so make sure you don’t miss that window. Listen to what your promoter says.

As far as an optimal time to get laid? I’d say be in the club between midnight and 1am. Before midnight, people are generally stifled and sober. It’s not a bad time to socialize, but you’re more likely to find a girl to hook up with after midnight. Once that time hits, talk to as many people as possible. Remember, it’s Vegas. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, so you might as well go ham.

The DJ typically comes on between 1am and 1:30am, so it’s ideal to have found a girl by that time because usually people will be distracted by the wild theatrics of a major global EDM sensation taking the main stage. It’s hard to compete with that.

Even if you haven’t found a girl you’ve connected with by that time, don’t lose heart. I’ve often found a girl that I get along with after 3am before the club closes (Vegas clubs generally close at 4am). However, you’ll notice the club starting to thin out at around 2:30, so keep that in mind.


Another Vegas local secret…

So after 4am, does that mean you’re out of luck? Definitely not.

In fact, I’ve found that some of the hottest girls, once again, begin their nights after 3am.

Where do promoters and nightlife employees go after work? To the after hours club.

When 3am hits, I’ll often make my way over to Drais After Hours, the most popular after hours club in Vegas. The club closes at 8am, so you’ll have plenty of time to party until the sun rises.

The only drawback is that if you’re not a local and you don’t know the hosts working the door, you’ll often have to pay a $30-40 cover charge. But if you’re still rearing to go at this hour, then it’s worth it.

Another famous Vegas after hours spot is Artisan, which is a bit off the strip but is popular among locals.


About Day Parties

Although Vegas is famous for its nightlife, I’ve found that during the summertime the most raging parties are at dayclubs and pool parties. Here is a list of the best pool parties in Vegas:

  • Daylight – Mandalay Bay
  • Wet Republic – MGM Grand
  • Rehab – Hard Rock Hotel
  • Liquid – Aria
  • Marquee Dayclub – The Cosmopolitan
  • Drais Beach Club – The Cromwell
  • Bare Pool – The Mirage
  • Tao Beach – The Venetian
  • Encore Beach Club – Encore
  • Palms Pool – The Palms
  • Foxtail Pool – SLS

The guestlist system is similar for pool parties, so make sure to contact your promoter for the full low down.

Some of these venues also have pool parties at night, which are the most epic summertime parties that Vegas has to offer. Here is a list of ones that happened last year:

  • Sunday – XS Nightswim
  • Tuesday – Drais Beach Club Nightsplash
  • Thursday – Encore Beach Club at Night

Best Bars in Vegas to Get Laid

If you’re not really into the nightclub scene, Vegas still has an abundance of bars where you can meet women. In fact, if you’re looking for more hot local girls, you’ll definitely find a higher proportion of them off the strip at some of the local bars.

Town Square (just south of the strip)

    • Stoney’s – for those who are into country girls, this is your place. Even for those who aren’t into country music (not really my cup of tea), you’ll find plenty of down-to-earth people here. Plus, they have a mechanical bull, pool tables, and a spacious dancefloor. Definitely not a bad alternative to a hectic nightclub.


    • McFadden’s – An Irish bar with lots of real estate. This bar is fully equipped with a dancefloor, multiple bars, and an outdoor patio area. The bar is sizable with plenty of people to talk to.


  • Blue Martini – Definitely a local favorite, especially if you like Latina girls. You can also buy a table with hookah and bottles for a fairly reasonable price. Most nightlife industry employees choose to come here on their nights off.

Downtown Vegas (north of the strip)

    • Gold Spike – A local classic, and, similar to Blue Martini, a lot of local people will come here on their nights off. This is also a unique and sprawling venue that has adult-sized games of four square, chess, jenga, and beer pong. They also have ping pong, pool, cornholing, and a live band in the outdoor area. A diverse range of activities to choose from.


  • Fremont Street – A row of bars offering a variety of music and crowds. Beauty Bar is a good pick for off-strip EDM.


So now you know where to stay, where to go, and when to go to each of these venues. Like I said before, logistics are vitally important. But what happens once you show up to the venue? What is the best strategy for getting laid?


Be loud and charismatic

You’re competing against a worldclass DJ, blaring speakers, and hundreds of intoxicated patrons losing their shit over deafening EDM beats. If no one, let alone a girl, can’t hear you, then you’ve already lost before you’ve begun.

Be 200% louder than you think you should. You can also use the volume of the environment as a reason to get closer to her. And you have to be more charismatic than Calvin Harris and the Chainsmokers combined.

If you’ve got her attention, then you’ve won half the battle. Just continue to have fun with her until she squares up her hips to you.


When she squares up to you, this is a body language indicator that she’s more interested in you than her surroundings. In this case, take her hand and lead her towards the dancefloor.

Once you arrive at the dancefloor, take her hands and wrap them around your neck. If she responds by pressing her body against yours, then you’re good to go. Kiss her.
As soon as you’ve kissed, then take her hand and walk towards the exit of the club. About half the time, she’ll leave immediately with you.

What about the other half of the time?

Dealing with Objections

Girls will often be worried about their friends, and rightfully so.

Vegas is a chaotic and unfamiliar environment full of tourists and strangers, so as long as you’re genuine in your intent to have a good time and you’re able to communicate that to her, then that’s what matters most.

If this is the case, then always give her the option to come back to the club. This is why logistics are important.

If she’s still worried, just tell her to text her friends and let them know that you’re going to be gone for a bit then coming right back and not to worry.

Although these points seem obvious, I find that guys are often unclear in their communication, which makes girls reticent to go with them anywhere.

The key to addressing objections is to make her going with you as low risk and low investment as possible. As long as your intentions are good and you simply want some intimate time alone with her and she wants the same with you, then she will feel comfortable leaving the club with you.

This isn’t about manipulating the girl to sleep with you, but, rather, it’s about being clear in your communication and intent, and handling the logistical situation so that the two of you can have some alone time to enjoy each other’s company.

Thus, in order to ease her mind about the risk of leaving the club, it will comfort her to know that you can always come right back, that your destination is close, and you guys won’t be gone for long.

At this point, she’ll usually go with you. If not, then don’t be forceful or get frustrated. Just be patient. Sometimes all of this is moving too quickly for her, so she’s just not ready yet.

If that’s the case, then hang out at the club for the time being and go home with her later. However, remember to never get frustrated and never get mad at her.

With these tips in mind, you’re bound to be the envy of all of your friends the next time you go to Vegas when you’re leaving the club arm-in-arm with a gorgeous girl.

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