Unlike most bootcamps run by dating and pickup companies, AGL Bootcamps are 1-week long. We’ve purposefully created a longer bootcamp to ensure that our students see the results of true long-term, transformational change for weeks, months, and years beyond the bootcamp.

Private Coaching

This option is for students who want a more personal experience. With long-term students, we follow up regularly, track your progress, and hold you accountable while you are an AGL student. You will get 1-1 attention, and we’ll take you out personally to practice your social skills.

Skype Coaching

For those who are too busy to make travel plans or set aside a week, we have an alternative option–Skype coaching. Through Skype coaching, we provide consistent feedback, give you exercises to implement, and monitor your progress. Although we won’t get to see you or critique you while in action, this is the most efficient and feasible option for those with time constraints.