About Us


Have you ever had a crush on a girl and wish she could be your girlfriend? Have you ever had to deal with a heartwrenching breakup and you swear that you will never let things get that bad again? Do you wish you could have a continual income doing what you love?  Do you ever wish that you could be fit?

I know how you feel…


I know how it feels to spend my entire day just leveling up my character on World of Warcraft.  I know how it feels to not know where I’m heading in life paralyzed by indecision.  I know how it feels to be trapped between thinking about graduate school or actually finally getting a job…

I used to settle for what I could get…


But after my father passed away in 2013, I resolved that life is too short to just settle for mediocrity, so I dedicated myself to becoming a better man.

Over the past 4 years, I’ve learned and practiced skills that have led me to a life of abundance.

Imagine a life where you have an abundance of friends texting you daily wanting to hang out. Imagine a life where you can travel and your checking account refills itself without you having to do anything. Imagine a life where you feel like you can take on any physical challenge and people glance to admire your body when you are shirtless at the beach.

I’ve created AGL Lifestyles to give you the life you want.


At AGL Lifestyles, we are dedicated to provide a wealth of resources and guidance to help you create your dream lifestyle. So immerse yourself in our knowledge, become the best version of yourself, and enjoy the journey along the way!